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E q u i p m e n t

Cast of Bronze performs on:

  - Six and a half octaves (F2-C9) of Schulmerich Handbells
  - Lower seventh and eighth octave (G1-E2) of Malmark Handbells
  - Six octaves (C2-C8) of Malmark Choirchimes®
  - Five octaves (C3-C8) of Whitechapel Handbells
  - Three octaves (C4-C7) of Petit & Fritsen Handbells
  - Three octaves of Boomwhackers® Tuned Percussion Tubes
  - Two and a half octaves of Kids®Play Desk Bells 

  - Two octaves of Schulmerich Silver Melody Bells™

  - Two octaves of rare American-made R.H. Mayland Handbells

  - Two octaves (C6-C8) of Malmark Cymbells
  - 14 Peery Handbell Tables
  - Various Percussion Instruments

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